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Are you living confidently loved?

Are you living bound by fear, insecurity, fear of rejection, and maybe even secret feelings of unworthiness and shame?

Are self-sabotaging thoughts blocking you from living confidently loved?

The Holy Spirit showed me how self-awareness through our human understanding has negatively affected the body of Christ since the garden, blocking us from living free in God’s perfect love.

“When we live from a conscious awareness of self, evaluating ourselves through our own understanding, we naturally want to hide our insecurities and flaws. Because we are so aware of the areas where we fall short, and what we are not good at, we live with underlying feelings of inadequacy, causing us to feel ashamed of ourselves and unworthy of love. Shame wants to cover up and hide so that no one can see our shortcomings, subconsciously believing that God feels the same. We might know in our heads that God doesn’t feel the way we do about ourselves, but because we are so focused on ‘self’ and our own idea of worth, our eyes are trained to be on ourselves, not on God, and His love isn’t syncing with our hearts. So, we live from a belief system that we are not enough until we’ve worked our way toward this idea of ‘good enough.’ In order to avoid feeling that sting of shame and unworthiness, we cover what we believe are our flaws, working harder at the appearance of godliness to prove we are worthy of love through a checklist of works.

This idea that we have to do more to be accepted by ourselves, God, and others is not only wrong thinking, it’s exhausting! As soon as we fall short of our idea (human understanding), fixating on where we’ve missed the mark, weariness sets in. What’s written in the Bible becomes such a foreign concept, we don’t realize that our belief system has formed around our human understanding, feelings, and experiences instead of around God’s Word and upon the foundation of His unconditional love.

…Because of Jesus we are pure; blameless;

holy; redeemed . . . we are fully loved; the righteousness of Christ and THAT is how God sees us.” —Ripple Effect

It’s time to see ourselves through the Fathers eyes and live fearlessly loved by the One who has set us free!


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