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Are you living a stressed-out, burdened life?

Do you realize when you’re living to please others to feel good about yourself, whether it be through social media, your career, or maybe even your church community— whatever environment you find yourself with an inner need to be accepted and praised, you will lead yourself to a burdened, stressed-out life?

This is a fact, and if you’re honest, you’d agree.

Oftentimes, this way of living is so subtle that it goes unnoticed.

But we have to connect and realize this pattern of living is actually not God-honoring at all. It’s living for people and praises of man, keeping us in bondage to what others say and think rather than living in the freedom of what Jesus paid for when He said, “Come and follow Me.”

He never said to follow others the way they’re following Me.

He never said to look at what others are doing and how well they perform to feel valued.

He never said to be a “solid Christian,” you must do all like everyone else.

He said, “Your value is already intact. Your new life of freedom, joy, and peace is found in and through Me — put your full confidence in what I say, trust, and follow Me.

Not the crowd.

Not the pressure.


When your confidence is rooted in what God says, it won’t matter what anyone else says to your face or behind your back — you’re not living for them — you’re living for an audience of One.

When you keep that single eye focused on the One who gave you life, and your fully surrendered heart is all about pleasing Him regardless of what others see, think, or believe— you live with a constant well of peace and joy that cannot be explained.

This is freedom.

Trust me. I know the difference.

Live for an audience of One and live light and free.

Much love, J

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