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Are you believing things that oppose Truth?

“We need to check in with our thought-life to see what we are believing and find out how often we are believing things that oppose Truth. Then we hold each thought up to God’s Word to see if they are in agreement with what He says. If our thoughts don’t line up, we have to capture them, remove them, and replace them with God’s thoughts so that we are living from a belief system that lines up with our new natures in Christ. While it is our responsibility to become aware of our thought-life, it is also our responsibility to choose which direction we will allow our minds to go. We do not have to do this in our own strength. We do this in His Strength!

can do all this through Him who gives me strength. —Philippians 4:13 (NIV)

Not some things . . . ALL!

Choosing to fight back with Truth over what we’re thinking and feeling, and partnering with the Holy Spirit is vital. God needs us to partner with Him to experience a deeper level of healing. We have to believe that a healed and ‘sound mind’ is available, and turn to Him.

We need to make a conscious decision to place a higher value on God’s Word and recognize that His Word has the power to fully transform us. When our feelings have permission to rule over us, and our thought-life remains in contradiction to the Word of God, we lessen the power that His Word could have in our lives through doubt and disbelief.

Let’s stop putting limits on our limitless God by giving our feelings more authority than His Word in our lives. Amen?” —Ripple Effect

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