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Are you battling anxiety?

As believers, the Word is clear — we should be filled with peace and joy regardless of what’s going around us. So, how do we get there when anxiety seems to have more power, knocking us out of peace and joy?

The truth is, we have a huge part to play. Many don’t realize how much power we are giving to the flesh over the Spirit who is within us.

Jesus didn’t just pay for us to go to Heaven one day. He paid for us to have direct access to God’s presence and filled us with His power. The Holy Spirit in us is a well of peace and joy, and in God’s presence, anxiety has to go! It’s time to recognize what belongs to us through the blood and power of Jesus and live in the fullness of what He paid for! Amen?

Here are some quick, practical tools to help you come out of agreement with anxiety until you are walking in His perfect peace:

  1. Rather than saying, “I have anxiety.” Say, “I am feeling anxious.” This simple switch will automatically redirect your mind from believing anxiety belongs to you versus a feeling that needs Jesus’ peace.
  2. Connect with what’s bringing in that anxious feeling by asking yourself, “What am I thinking about in this moment?” Chances are, your mind is filled with thoughts of worry and fear about something.
  3. Once you identify where the anxiety stems from, you know what to release to God. 1 Peter 5:7 says: “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” To cast means to throw with force. It’s not a passive removal, but an aggressive, “NO! I am not holding onto this worry and fear! I’m casting it to you, Lord — you care!”
  4. Realize worrisome thoughts that have been consuming your mind, leading you to live with anxiety, are the areas you are struggling to trust God. This is where you go to Him and invite His power and presence into that space of concern, recognize where you need to grow in trust, and learn to renew your mind in Truth. This will take time, but you have to persevere and realize that when your mind is consumed with anxious-driven thoughts, you are not trusting God with your concerns, maybe even past hurts that need His healing touch. He is faithful and desires to meet you, heal you, and restore you. But you need to take that step, go to Him, and take those thoughts captive that are feeding anxiety. When you are fully trusting God, with your mind fixed on Him, His peace will reign in your life, and anxiety loses power!

I’m praying the Holy Spirit meets you powerfully as you learn to walk in your freedom and victory from anxiety!

Much love, J