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Are we truly following Him, or following the church line, living disconnected from the Vine?

“Checklist Christianity has conditioned the church at large to believe that following Jesus is all about what we are doing at church and what others can see, blocking the simplicity and power of following Him.

How much we are serving, how many ministries we are plugged into, how much we are giving that others can see. All good things, but oftentimes these actions make us believe we are following Jesus, but many are just following the church line, living totally disconnected from the Vine.

Yep . . . I’m going there.


Because our faith-walk and all that Jesus paid for are at stake here.

The life that Jesus died for is being blocked based on human understanding and a generation of people who have been led to believe that this is what being a Christian should look like. Here’s the thing: I have talked with hundreds of believers, and most of them desperately need a real touch from a real God who said, ‘I will never leave you,’ but they feel left by Him. They have become ‘burned out on religion.’ Some are still going through the motions, and some dropped out completely. Serving in ministry has replaced intimacy with God, blocking the ripple effect that was intended. We are too burned out on doing, believing that we are following Him. The ministry that started over 2,000 years ago was an overflow of a life-changing encounter with Jesus as they dropped their nets, gave freely, and walked with Him, releasing the Kingdom everywhere they went. It was a natural overflow of what they received from Him.

What’s stopping so many of us today?

As a Church body, are we truly dropping our nets and following Him?

We are flooding into churches weekly. There are more ministries and activities for any category of life to plug into, drawing the masses in, but what is going on in between that leaves so many burdened and weary by life?

I was reading these familiar passages in Matthew:

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.’ — Matthew 5:14-15 (NIV)

What the Lord whispered to my heart shook me. He said: ‘My church is like a bowl. My children are lighting up the inside of a building, but not the world.’

Yikes! How did we get here?!

What we have is a generation of people who are struggling to understand what it means to truly drop their nets and follow Jesus. Without realizing it, many have built ‘safety nets’ of false comfort, clinging to people, ministries, even the activities inside of a building. Then, they struggle even more when the perceived safety net does not provide the lasting comfort they need.” —Ripple Effect

Are you finding the light you’re supposed to be shining has been dimmed by life?

Are you wondering why the life-changing, overwhelming, all encompassing, unshakable comfort, peace and joy that Jesus paid for is void from your life?

Perhaps checklist Christianity has subtly replaced intimacy with Jesus—you’ve been following the church line, building safety nets, not truly following Him.

It’s ok. It’s not too late. God is gently nudging us back to His heart and His design. He’s waiting with open arms for us to drop every net we’ve placed between us and Him, and wholeheartedly follow Him! 🤍, J

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